Sunday, October 28, 2012

THE BIG MOVE ! An additional farm was bought in the Southern Cape and after much deliberation we decided to move as the living conditions in the Southern Cape is far more desirable under the present situation in South Africa. The move had a big effect on my radio amateur activities as the Southern Cape falls under a different South African division forcing me to obtain an additional "new" callsign which is valid for operations in that area. The new (additional) callsign is ZS1VV. That's the basics. I will advise on the new station and activities soon. Wessie

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keeping those antennas in the air !

Tying antennas to towers, poles and trees can be a very confusing task unless you know how to do it properly. Unfortunately not everyone had the pleasure of being a boy scout or sailor.

If you want to know just about everything regarding tying knots, it is worth your while spending some time at the well documented website Animatedknots by Grog.

Every knot in the world is explained in a manner that anyone can understand. Just choose your category and find the right knot for the specific application....and you are done !

I hope it will help to keep those antennas up for good.

Grog's website